Client Testimonials

Marnie Lax- Toronto

My mother used Mindy to facilitate the sale of some furniture just before her downsizing move and every service provided was fantastic! Mindy sold everything at fair prices and was excellent to deal with. She is patient, businesslike and has wonderful communication skills.  She is able to list the items with great descriptions and find serious buyers. I highly recommended using Mindy from Luxury Move Management for all your moving needs.

Meni Moskowski, Harvey Kalles Sales Representative

As an agent, providing good trade recommendations to our clients is a critical part of our service offering.  We hired Luxury Move Management for a complicated assignment which required the  “move and storage” of two properties simultaneously.  Mindy and her associates were meticulous with care, labeling, recording and storing all items. Mindy and her associates provided a  timely, reliable and highly professional service. They are hands-on, solution oriented and have the experience to effectively deal with the unexpected but also quickly de-escalate any situation during a stressful move. They were all very client focused and accommodated “all” requests.  They exceeded expectations at every level and I would not hesitate to recommend or use them again.

Michele Herman- Thornhill

My friend referred me to Mindy Applebaum of Luxury Move Management.  From start to finish, she was very organized, extremely efficient and always easy to reach when I had a question or concern.  When I began my move process, I knew that every item must have a place whether it be sold, purged or taken away to the proper depot.   To say that I was overwhelmed was an understatement.  She found buyers for all of my furniture that I no longer wanted which allowed me to earn good money for my furniture. When all was said and done, everything was accomplished properly and all deadlines were met.   On several occasions throughout my move process, I felt so relieved.  You can count on Mindy and her friendly team to guide you through your move process with her expert advice and her reliable, excellent customer service skills.  I have sent many friends and family members to her already and I am thrilled to have gained her as a contact.

Jennifer Cohen- Toronto

I cannot say enough about Mindy Applebaum at Luxury Move Management. She did an incredible job selling my furniture and packing my house for my move. We couldn’t have done it without her. If anyone is in need of such services, I highly recommend Mindy and her crew. Excellent!

Rachel Lane- Thornhill

I was extremely satisfied with the service Luxury Move Management provided me during a very stressful period in my life. It was necessary to sell furniture and various items in my mother’s condo. I was unable to oversee the sales personally. This service enabled me to leave it in Mindy’s capable hands.  I highly recommend this company.

Marla Libman- Thornhill

Kennmarr Enterprises was thrilled to have worked with Mindy from Luxury Move Management on a recent project. The service was professional, knowledgeable and worth every penny! Her service is highly recommended.  Call Mindy for all of your relocation needs – residential or commercial alike, she’s your girl.

Karen Rabinowicz- Toronto

We learned it isn’t easy moving from a large house into a condominium.  We had three weeks to pack what we were taking, throw out massive amounts of junk, donate things we thought we would never want to part with, try to sell treasured belongings…- overwhelming to say the least.  It seemed no matter what we did it didn’t make a dent in the job and time was passing.

I had been given Mindy Applebaum’s name and number and her company name Luxury Move Management.  After speaking with Mindy and deciding to use her services everything changed for the better.  Mindy and her crew came the next day and we began in the basement  She helped me decide what to take with me, what to donate and then helped me sell items.  The crew carefully packed boxes, marking them, took away garbage, and even brought items into select donation locations.
They returned to continue upstairs and even called buyers to come to the house for some expensive items such as silver and crystal. After my move the crew came to the condominium and helped me unpack and set up my new kitchen.  I recommend Luxury Move Management to help you with whatever you need during your move out of and into.

Dan Haber- Toronto

When I had to sell the house my mother lived in for more than 65 years, I found it to be an almost impossible task getting started. There were clothes in every closet, furniture in every foyer and tons of stuff that made for barricades in the basement. I frankly had no idea where to begin, the job seemed so overwhelming.

And then I hired Mindy Applebaum, from Luxury Move Management, who turned the place from looking like a bomb had hit it, into one that showed me what it looked like after an “Applebaum” had hit it! She “edited” the house, helped organize what needed to be donated, what could be sold and what was junk. Dozens of boxes, sheets of bubble wrap, a plethora of packing paper and green garbage bags later, (all of which she provided), my old childhood homestead was in a state I never thought I’d see it – completely empty and ready for sale.

I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have been able to get there without her help and advice, which was strong when I was ready to give up, soft when I was gung-ho to get it done, and understanding as I watched pieces of my family’s life disappear forever, a tough but necessary step. Mindy was there all the way, even coming down by herself and taking over with a spare set of keys I provided when I couldn’t make it.

She also has plenty of contacts I would never have thought of, from donation places to junk men, on-site shredding, cleaners, movers, and more. My dog Smiley also fell in love with her, and he’s an excellent judge of character!

They say there’s no place like home. But when it’s time to leave that home for good, there’s no place like Luxury Move Management. To paraphrase that old credit card commercial, “Don’t leave home without her!”

Joodi Pollock- Toronto

Feeling overwhelmed, confused and anxious, I hired Luxury Move Management to help me move from my home after 32 years.  They helped me dispose of items including junk removal for my large items; they helped me pack my boxes including artwork and fine china; and they supplied the bubble wrap, boxes, tape, news print and all my moving supplies. It amazed me how their organization allowed me to begin what I thought was an impossible mission. Their cool, calm approach was efficient and effective. They advertised my furniture and artwork for sale and brought several buyers which I would not have found on my own.  Luxury Move Management helped me price these items as well. They had a junk removal truck visit my home to remove things I was not taking with me. I found their advice invaluable and they stayed in touch to make sure that I settled in well to my new home. When all the boxes arrived at my condo, Mindy and her team were there to help with the unpacking. Sifting through the piles of boxes, was a daunting task, but with Mindy’s team it was actually fun! In one day, my kitchen and dining room were put together and most of the boxes were unpacked and put away. The team collapsed all the boxes and immediately removed them from my condo. They have a person who will mount TVs on your wall and hook up electronics, and if desired, Mindy’s team will deal with the movers by supplying drinks and lunch on moving day. The company is accommodating, punctual, and courteous. Their enthusiasm for their work is contagious and motivating. I would highly recommend Luxury Move Management.

Sandy Silverman -Thornhill

Recently we decided to sell the house in which we had lived for 36 years. We were overwhelmed with everything that needed to be done. We called Mindy Applebaum who had been recommended to us by a friend. She was amazing! She walked us through the moving process step by step. She took pictures of belongings which we wanted to sell, and she identified items in our home that had value, which she then sold for us.  Mindy managed the sale of dozens of our items. She also handled last minute junk removal of things that we could not take to our new home. My only regret is that I did not call her as soon as we started to get ready to downsize. Every moment spent with her was a pleasure. I highly recommend Luxury Move Management to anyone who wants to move. Call her! She was amazing from start to finish and was worth every penny we paid!