Rest assured we are insured!  In the unlikely event that something breaks or is misplaced, Luxury Move Management will replace the item.  This is very unlikely to happen but we have our bases covered if it does happen.

Working at Luxury Move Management is very rewarding. We offer flexible schedules and we work with awesome clients and real estate agents!  If you’d like to join our team please submit your resume and letter of interest to:  info@luxurymovemanagement.com.   We’d love to hear from you!

Yes we are happy to provide references. We encourage you to read the Testimonials page on our website to see what some of our recent clients have said about our services.

Leave the bending and sorting to us!  A move is overwhelming and requires hundreds of decisions.  Allow us to do the packing so you can spend your time on more enjoyable things. Our team of packers is professional, discreet, we wear uniforms and will treat your home and belongings with the delicate touch they deserve.  We even bring all the required packing materials to your home.  The average move requires upwards of 100 boxes. Many people find that daunting, but we don’t!  Ask yourself this question:  Do you actually want to pack your house yourself?

We identify household items in your home which we believe we can sell for you. We then photograph the items, take measurements and write colorful descriptions and post them for sale on a number of websites. LMM has built our own Buy & Sell Facebook group (which you can join by clicking here), which has more than 1,600 members in the GTA who follow our posts.  This private group is just one of the many ways we find buyers for your furniture.  We correspond with dozens of prospective buyers and arrange appointments for them to pick up the items.  You may choose to have one of our team members on site to meet the buyers. In addition, we work with a reliable and economical junk removal company. We also coordinate donations for items that are to be given to local charities, schools or other interest groups.  You will likely receive a tax receipt for your furniture donations .

Having moved more than ten times, Mindy has established a network of tradespeople that she trusts and that she has used in her own home. She will carefully select the right tradesperson for your needs. She will book the appointments, oversee their work and manage payment for you. Mindy has preferred rates with many of these tradespeople and is happy to extend these preferred rates to her clients.

During the initial consultation we will discuss an action plan for your home and packing needs.  Once we have an understanding of how best we can serve you, we will provide you with a quote for our services.  We work efficiently and do not waste your time or money.

Our packing sessions run from 3-6 hours per session. During this time a team from Luxury Move Management will work with you in your home to pack rooms designated by you. Some clients want our help packing their entire home while other clients want our help with specific rooms. And remember, we bring all the packing supplies with us, so you do not need to waste time and money guessing what supplies you will need.

Luxury Move Management consists of a team of dedicated and professional staff who are friendly, competent and efficient.  We take pride in our work and proudly wear uniforms while in your home.  We will respect you and your belongings.

Our experience has taught us that every client is unique and has different needs. After an initial consultation with a client we will design the most cost effective and time efficient action plan. Sometimes, but not always, a flat rate is the better option.