Our Services


We will work one on one with you to go through every room, closet and cupboard in your home to help you unload your duplicates and triplicates. We will arrange junk removal, prepare items for donation as well as arrange the distribution of items you wish to give away to family and friends. This service is a must for anyone planning to downsize to a smaller home.  We know this is the most stressful task when it comes to moving and that is why you should allow us to help you.  We are patient and experienced and can help you make the tough decisions.


Leave the bending and wrapping to our team of skilled packers who will handle your belongings with care. We will help you pack as many rooms as you want, and will help you unpack and set up your new residence. We will also remove the packing materials at the end of the day.


Through a variety of sales channels, we will organize the sale and delivery of all the items you wish to sell. We will monetize the items you thought had no value.  We will also manage the donation of items you wish to pass on to local charities.


Don’t waste your time and money guessing how many boxes and rolls of packing tape and bubble wrap you need. We will supply the boxes, tape, bubble wrap and the other supplies to ensure you belongings remain safe and organized.


The thought of having those stacks of boxes in your home waiting to be unpacked can be daunting. We will help you unpack, work with you to design the optimal floorplan, arrange for your TVs to be mounted on the wall, set up your computer, your closets, your kitchen and everything in between. We will also remove every box and piece of packing material so you don’t need to look at another box for a long while!


Need a carpet cleaner, electrician or a handyman? We know honest, hardworking tradespeople who can help you with your move. We will hire and manage the workers so you don’t have to think about.


The average person is responsible for more than 25 change of address notifications. We have a comprehensive list of who needs to be informed of your move and we will work through this list with you one item at a time.


Moving day is exhausting. Allow us to be there with you to direct movers, bring you a coffee, pick up lunch and to give your house a final walk-through to ensure it is left clean.